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We booked this villa in Sicily, Trabia in July 2011. This villa was advertised on the web under another name (Nespola). Although they've now changed the name of the villa (HITRYA) I think the very poor infrastructure of the house & pool along with its furnishings will remain so potential clients KEEP AWAY!

Following our horrible experience with the property owner Mr. Greco:

On arriving at the villa, we were greeted by the owner and given a view around. l asked him 4 times about the "welcome pack" as l could not see one. He eventually said his wife forget to do one and gave me a bottle of water? As this was Sunday all the shops were closed and we did not bring anything with us as we thought a pack would be there. We spend 2 hours driving around trying to get food and could only get some milk from a local bar. Not very good as we had 2 young children.

The welcome pack did not arrive until the Wednesday when we had to text him again about issues with the pool water which was extremely dirty and mentioned the fact that no welcome pack had arrived. He arrived at 11.00pm when we were just about to go to bed. Again as l mentioned a family with 2 young children and no welcome pack, which would of included something to eat and drink for the Monday morning. We spent 2 hours driving around to see if anything was open on the sunday, time wasted which we could of spend enjoying ourselves, not hot and bothered in a car after travelling all day (which we could only get some milk from a bar) We had to go out early on Monday for our breakfast, wasting time again when we could of spend this sight seeing. If you adverise that fact that a welcome pack will be there, you should supply it.

On looking around the villa, the railings on the balcony are unsafe and not secure, with the bars coming away from the cement so we could not have the children up there. Also, the ground around the pool had come away making it not safe for the young children. The pool broke down twice and we had to call the owner out to fix it.

On our last day, Mr Greco came around and spoke to one of my daughters to say that the cleaners would arrive at 8.30 in the morning (day of departure). She said that check out was not until 10.00am but he insisted that the cleaner had to come before that and that he would arrive at 9.30am to check the meters etc. We felt that we were being rushed out. On the Saturday, we got up early so that we were ready for 8.30 but no one arrived except the pool men. We waited and waited, again with 2 young children and everything packed away not a good experience. The owner finally turned up at 11.15am but forget our deposit of 1000/euro so we had to wait a further hour before some one turned up with it. All l can say is it is a good job we did not book a early flight as we would of missed it. We book villas around Italy all the time and this is the worse experience we have come across and one we do not want to repeat.

Review about: Villa.

Monetary Loss: $4000.



Innanzitutto ci dispiace essere citati come Discover Sicily su una lamentela che non ci riguarda completamente, chi redige queste cose dovrebbe essere più preciso per evitare confusione e danni di immagine a terzi.

La casa in questione, ed in particolare la vacanza a cui si fa cenno, è stata prenotata nel 2011 attraverso un'agenzia che si chiama che evidentemente non c'entra niente *** la nostra, quindi non entriamo nel merito delle lamentele o dell'organizzazione della casa e dell'accoglienza per la passata stagione, sulle quali siamo sicuri risponderà il proprietario che è già al corrente della cosa. Per quanto ci riguarda abbiamo preso da poco in gestione questa casa e siamo sicuri che non ci saranno inconvenienti per la stagione 2012 in quanto abbiamo preso precisi accordi *** il proprietario circa lo standard qualitativo che noi desideriamo offrire ai nostri clienti.


First of all we want to clarify that in July 2011, when the bad experience described above occurred, the villa was not handled by Discover Sicily, but by another agency called Solo Sicily -

For this reason we won't reply or contest the points underlined by Pauline R, we think that the owner, Mr Greco, will do.

Discover Sicily has only recently added villa Hitrya in its circuit. Due to the good standard of its properties, Discover Sicily made precise arrangements with the owner in order to keep high the quality standard of the villa. We're sure that there won't be any inconvenience in the future, thanks to our frequent controls and visits at the house, and thanks also to the commitment of Mr Greco


We were truly disappointed over the property. We left two days earlyer then planned due to the condition the property was in. We thought this was a luxuay villa with all accomodations. We were wrong...

The following were NOT acceptable:

- Dirty dishes in the kitchen. We had to wash all plates, knifes, forks etc. the day of arrival

- No dishwasher!

- Gass-leak in the kitchen. The owner told us it was because the gass-container was almost empty, but it did not help when I changed it.

- The owner did not come and change the gass-container as he promised. I had to do it myself.

- The pool was filled with pine needles every morning. No one came to clean the pool.

- Bathroom nr. 3 was in the garage

- Unbelievably uncomfortable and hard beds.

- Dirty floors

- Really loud karoke-party in the neighborhood almost every night

- The baby crib we got was dirty and broken. The owner told us that we needed to wash it before we started using it!

- Old food in the fridge.

- The owner was keen on us giving you a god feedback on the stay.


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